State of the Blog

Happy August to you! That means that I’m now entering into my eighth month of posts every other day. For most of that time, I’ve failed to make a buffer and just barely kept up, but last month I had my first real test: My first huge work deadline and a couple out of town trips kept me off the computer, and there’s still this new-dad thing to deal with. I wondered how my blog would handle all that when it came up, and the answer is: not too well.

I’ve maintained the every-other-day schedule, but with two placeholder posts just promising that I’d fill in content sometime soon. And I spent all last week writing essays about the theory of storytelling in games. Which, you know, I consider to be an interesting topic, but that is a sure sign that I haven’t had time to read/listen/play enough things and my review queue is getting low. And then there’s today, when this short update is all I have time for before another out of town wedding.

But after this, things should calm down again. The baby’s not going to take up any less time, of course, but work and other parts of life should allow me to read and write again. I intend to write one article a day for the next few days, which will keep up with my schedule and fill in those two missing posts. After that, I should be back to normal. For a little while, at least.

Aside from that, the blog has been doing great lately. I keep getting more visitors, and I constantly have to revise my standards for a “good” day. I’ve gotten a lot of new followers lately, and I hope that none of them are put off by the wall of rambling text that dominates the front page right now. I’ll fix that shortly.

Update: Well, that didn’t go very well. I guess the moral is that when I fall behind, I should just accept that and take a break. I’m taking that overdue break now, and I’ll fill in those placeholder articles before I let myself start posting new things.

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