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Marvel Comic Capsule Reviews

It’s been a few months since my last round of comic book capsule reviews, and there are several more miniseries and new titles that I’m ready to discuss. This one will focus on some recent Marvel comics, since none of my new independent comics are far enough along for a review. (DC comics is currently in the process of winding all its titles down, rather than starting new ones up. I plan to look back at some of these soon, once their big reboot happens.)

It’s interesting to see Marvel branching out more and more from superheroes. In addition to four new superhero series, this article takes a look at two new titles in the Crossgen line.

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The Unwritten (Comic Review)

Note: So far, I’ve only reviewed comic series after they concluded. I’d to occasionally examine ones that are still ongoing, as well. As issue #24 of The Unwritten was just released, it seems like a good time. This is the point where most Vertigo titles are cancelled, so it’s now safe to say that this series should have have a long life ahead of it. In this case, it also happens to be the point where author Mike Carey says the first act is concluded. In a happy coincidence, as I was writing this review, I got word that volume 2 of this series had been nominated for a Hugo award.

Ever since it was birthed by Sandman, the Vertigo comic line seems to have a fascination with stories about stories. From the modern hit Fables (in which fairy tale characters literally live in New York), to more obscure titles like Testament (with rebels in a near future dystopia who repeat the mythic cycles of traditional religions), to constant spin-offs of Sandman itself, like the current House of Mystery (which features a different character narrating a story-within-the-story every month), this is the closest Vertigo comes to a unifying theme. The Unwritten is the latest example of this, with a plot that literally explores the power of stories to control the world.

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